Mitts and Monuments in DC


In 2017, my boys and I went on an amazing trip to Washington D.C. to watch the Nationals play my boys’ favorite team—the Los Angeles Angels. We did the typical sightseeing and a whole lot of walking. If you’ve never been to D.C. before you may think that the monuments are close together but, let me save you some future calluses, they totally are not. All that walking was worth it though.

We spent our evenings on the lawn of a different monument each night where my boys played catch with their new squishy ball from the stadium, which is something we buy every time we visit a new one. Other kids would join them and some would want to kick the ball. Although many of the kids were tourists who didn’t speak English, it didn’t matter. My son would show them how to throw the ball, not kick it. They didn’t need words—their laughs and smiles spoke volumes. I watched with excitement as they’d play and have a blast until it got dark.

We spent 3 days watching the Angels and my oldest was thrown 6 balls in one game! He was over the moon!

After the series ended, our adventure led us to Baltimore, MD. We stayed across the street from Oriole Park and met some wonderful people. During a game we experienced rain and thunder like we’ve never encountered before. But, we came prepared for the rain with thick ponchos from REI. We weren’t going anywhere! We huddled together for warmth and waited for the rain delay to be over. Games like this can be long but the interesting conversations I had with my boys that day made the time fly. We reminisced about the previous games and talked about where else we should go. I love hearing them get excited about our next adventure.

I started venturing outside of my native California when I was in college. During this time, my first big trip was to Annapolis, MD with my Engineering class and it was amazing. I was bitten by the travel bug and wanted more! As a kid, I was scared to travel and leave my parents. I don’t want my boys to be scared by what they don’t know. I want them to cultivate the same sense of adventure now that I didn’t discover until I was in college.

We tried to fit a lot in a short amount of time, but as I always tell them—it’s my job to take them places, it’s their job to go back. There is way more to see and do in D.C. and Baltimore than we had time for, but I hope that what we did experience sparked in them a desire to seek more and return one day.

— Lisa

Lisa Serrano