Bracelets of Memories


When it comes to baseball, I figuratively wear my heart on my sleeve, but literally wear my heart on my wrist… in the form of a PANDORA® bracelet (actually 2 bracelets).

I’ve loved baseball since I was a kid and as I became a mom, I was excited to share my loves and interests with my boys. I always hoped that if they were able to understand why I was so passionate about something, their own passions and interests would grow. So, until they are 18, they continue to hear about mine!

Many years ago, my boys discovered that I have a bucket list. I explained to them that my bucket list includes places that I want to visit. One item on my list is to watch a baseball game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. They weren’t that impressed with this at first… until they realized they wanted to go with me.

It takes a lot to plan for 30 stadiums. Fortunately, I’ve planned trips for close to 15 before they decided to get onboard. Obviously I repeat on the local ballparks (remember we are Dodger & Angels fans) but, since they have shown an interest, I’m also taking my boys to ballparks that I’ve been to but they haven’t….always giving them the choice of which one is next.

This year we plan to mark 2 off their list. This makes 12 stadiums for them and 18 for me. I will be a little closer to removing an item from my bucket list (though only time will tell when I finally hit all 30).

As I write about our adventures to all of the ballparks, it is also sentimental for me. This is where my bracelets come into play. It started with 1 bracelet with beads that represent each of the ballparks that I’ve visited. So I bet you’re wondering why now 2 bracelets. Well, the original was getting very heavy and broke twice. So, after replacing the bracelet the second time, it was suggested that I split the beads across another bracelet. But, how was I supposed to split them apart? By the order I attended the stadiums? I kept it simple and split them across American & National league teams so now I have 1 bracelet for each league!

Someday I will have all 30 beads (and maybe a 3rd bracelet) but, more importantly, these beads represent special moments with my boys—more special than they can ever imagine. It takes me back to a day or weekend that we spent together.

When I add a bead to my bracelet it’s very exciting. My boys have asked me all sorts of questions, which have now turned into rules! For example, I can buy ballpark beads ahead of time but they may not go on my bracelet until I am at the game. Only then can I take out the bead and add it to my bracelet, which is always stressful. Have you ever tried to bead a bracelet while in the stands of a game? I don’t recommend it but it’s now a tradition. Also, my bracelets get a break and come off when baseball season is over (usually after the world series) and they go back on right before spring training. Sometimes I get really excited and pull them out just to stare at them….silly I know, but they represent my love for both baseball and my boys.

I can’t stress enough how special these bracelets are to me—a symbol of my adventures with my boys. I enjoy things that symbolize my loves & adventures. I highly suggest having “something” that, when you look at it, brings back memories and smiles.

My bracelets will never be replaced but beads will be added. It’s discussed often with my boys and it’s a way that they know I’m ready for more… more beads, baseball, love, and adventures with my boys!


Lisa Serrano